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Drain Cleaning in Portland

dirty drain cleaning Service in Portland with 3 Mountains Plumbing

Signs You Need a Portland Plumbing Expert

Drain cleaning may seem like an easy fix to make to your Portland home, but cleaning a drain may lead to more serious piping problems, so beware. Drain clogs are inevitable.  They are caused by the natural buildup of organic waste including grease, soap, and other sediment.

Here are some signs that your drain needs to be cleaned:

  • Slower than normal water drainage
  • Significant back up of used water
  • It’s been a long time since the last drain cleaning

Should You Call a Drain Cleaner or Plumber?

Naturally, this blog will fall on the side of calling a plumber, but with good reason.  Portland plumbers are licensed journeymen who can anticipate possible problems related to drain cleaning.

Drain cleaners are not licensed to fix other issues with your home’s water system. This means drain cleaners can’t help if a pipe is damaged during the cleaning process. Hiring a drain cleaner only opens your home to a host of other plumbing issues that may very well result in calling a Portland plumber anyway.

What additional problems might arise?

Drain snakes may sometimes be effective, but oftentimes snakes only serve to move the sediment to a lower location in your home’s piping system.  This makes the problem worse, particularly if your home has PVC or galvanized pipe.  If the snake is ineffective, only a plumber can make a piping repair or replacement.

3 Mountains Plumbing has over a decade of experience serving the greater Portland area. They frequently help customers with both drain cleaning and piping replacements when necessary, so call us today!

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