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Sewer Line Camera Inspection Portland

sewer line inspection in Portland

Camera Inspections Help Find Location of Leak or Clog

We performed a camera inspection in a home that a realtor was preparing for sale. The inspection was to check to see if the sewer line was clogged or had any leaks.

Camera inspections are a relatively new advancement in technology. If you have a leak or a clog, a plumber can send down a camera to see what is going on. The camera transmits a high-resolution image to a monitor. The plumber watches the monitor to pinpoint the location of the problem.

This provides several benefits:

  1. It provides the exact location of a problem so that a plumber does not have to dig.
  2. Because the location is pinpointed, there is no need to extensively disturb landscaping.
  3. The process takes much less time than old methods of diagnosing plumbing problems, so it saves customers a great deal of money.

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