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Do You Have RATS in Your Toilet?

bathroom drain clog in portland with 3 Mountains Plumbing

Yes, you read that correctly: homeowners in Oregon are having a, uh… unique problem!

The article at the link reveals that the public sewer system in Portland is so infested with rats that the rodents have been showing up — sometimes alive —in people’s toilets.  Apparently, the Multnomah County Vector Control fields about 10 to 15 calls a year about this issue.  The Manager of the department, Chris Wirth, has stated that most alpha male rats are too large to enter the pipe systems, and most of the animals arrive in the toilet bowl drowned. But that’s not much comfort to the citizens of Portland who now, in addition to all of the hassles of home maintenance, have to worry about rats showing up in their bathroom.  Some of the rats are even able to jump out of the toilet if they’re large enough — so remember to keep the seat down!

Or, instead of having to worry about this ridiculous problem happening to you, you can have the 3 Mountains Plumbing team perform a sewer camera inspection.  This procedure is straightforward, but it’s also among the most advanced in the current plumbing industry.  When one of our fully licensed and certified plumbers arrives at your home for a sewer camera inspection, this is what happens:

  • Step 1: The technician arrives in a fully stocked truck.  Remember, the 3 Mountains Plumbing experts have always completed the most up-to-date training on the market, and you know you’re in good hands.
  • Step 2: We turn off the valve and let your sewage drains clear out so we’ll be dealing with an empty pipe.
  • Step 3: Our plumber finds the access port in your basement.  This is the most convenient entrance to your sewer pipes, and you may even be able to locate it on your own.
  • Step 4: A camera-tipped cable is threaded through your piping system, displaying an image of the pipe interior  on a monitor in real time.  From that display, we can determine exactly what’s happening in your plumbing, and catch any critters that may be living in there!

In all seriousness, having a pest problem in your sanitation system is no joke.  Sewer clogs and backups are serious health risks, and having any wastewater come back through your system could put you at risk.  Call 3 Mountain Plumbing to avoid this problem today!

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