Water Heater Installation in Portland: Hire a Pro or Do It Myself?

Every household has a Mr. or Mrs. Fix-It. It’s part of being a homeowner! You want to have control over what goes in your home, what you pay for, and what you get. As Fix-It people ourselves, we understand the DIY drive, and we want to help you get there. In some cases, however, we

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Get a Sewer Repair Second Opinion – This Portland Plumber Can Help

You probably have friends or family members who can tell you horror stories about their plumbing and the cost of the repairs. It seems like every homeowner has had a sewer nightmare at one point…but few people have a story quite as outrageous as this recent news report from Salem, OR. Even the 3 Mountains

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What Are the Benefits of Water Heater Installation in Portland?

If you’re a budget conscious homeowner getting your home ready for the upcoming winter, you should definitely consider new water heater installation in Portland. Why You Need New Water Heater Installation in Portland If your home is equipped with a water heater that’s 10 years or older, the unfortunate truth is that your appliance isn’t

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