ceiling leak Service in Portland with 3 Mountains Plumbing
Ceiling Leak Repair Portland

Camera Inspection Helps Determine Source of Leak Hey, we get that it’s not at all fun when you discover that your ceiling is leaking water, but please don’t panic!  Call 3 Mountains Plumbing; Portland’s trusted plumber—we can fix ceiling leaks and do so at an affordable price. Here’s what we’ll do: Give you a same

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high water bill in Portland with 3 Mountains Plumbing
Ask a Portland Plumber: Why is My Water Bill so High?

Hidden Water Leaks Main Cause of High Water Bill Is your Portland water bill suddenly out of control? You’re not alone. Many Portland residents experience sudden spikes in water costs without quite knowing why. Neglected plumbing systems run smoothly–until they don’t. It is not uncommon for a minor plumbing issue to swell a water bill

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