Part of what makes Portland such an amazing city is its rich history and style. Many homes in the Portland area are quite old, and the craftsmanship and elegance of an older home can be very attractive to home buyers.

Prevent Significant Water Damage Over Time by Having Old Pipes Checked

As any Portland plumber can tell you, certain plumbing problems are common in older homes. While this shouldn’t dissuade you from buying the house of your dreams, it’s something you should be aware of. Here are three issues to watch out for:

  1. Wear and Tear

    First and foremost, general wear and tear can cause more than their share of headaches for the owners of older homes. Problems such as leaks, or water damage may come up if plumbing fixtures haven’t been maintained or replaced recently.

    You may want to have a PDX plumber inspect your existing plumbing fixtures. A Portland plumber – particularly one who is experienced with older homes – should be able to easily identify and resolve issues such as worn seals, caulking, and piping connections.

  2. Galvanized Pipes

    Another common problem in older homes that Portland plumbers have observed is the decay of galvanized steel pipes in plumbing systems. Before the 1970s, when copper and plastic pipes became the norm, galvanized pipes were used. Unfortunately, galvanized pipes will rust and corrode over time, which can result in either a total blockage within the pipe or a pipe failure – neither of which is good.

    If you know or suspect your home has galvanized piping, contact a Portland plumber for an inspection. The right PDX plumber will be able to tell you not only what type of piping you have, but also its current condition. Even if you think your plumbing system is working well, it could be extremely valuable to have a Portland plumber assess it before any minor issues become an emergency problem.

  3. Poor Venting

    Finally, some older homes have less-than-ideal venting systems, which can result in slow drains or other drainage problems. The standard size for vent pipes these days is at least three inches in diameter, but older homes commonly have smaller vent pipes. Because the vent pipe usually runs from the bottom of the house to the top, it may be easiest to contact a Portland plumber and have them investigate and potentially replace the pipe to improve your drainage systems.

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