3 Mountains Plumbing offers standard and tankless water heaters that supply reliable hot water to your home in Happy Valley, OR. On top of stocking home comfort equipment from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry, we provide trusted water heater service and repairs, so you know you’re getting a quality system that functions like it should.

Your hot water supply is a big part of your home’s convenience and comfort. From cooking and doing laundry to taking showers, much of your day’s routine is dependent on having hot water. When you lose that convenience, it can be a huge pain, throwing a wrench into your plans and taking time away from your life at home. That’s why we’re committed to helping you find the right hot water heater for your home and provide consistent maintenance that amplifies efficiency and comfort.

From repairing problems to keeping up with annual maintenance and installing new systems, we’re here for you. With decades of experience serving homeowners throughout Happy Valley, we promise to go above and beyond in everything we do

Standard Tank Water Heaters

Tank water heaters continue to maintain popularity for a reason. Their long track record makes them dependable, and they have lower upfront costs, making them affordable for many homeowners. That said, dealing with some repairs is a normal part of caring for equipment like a hot water heater. Older homes, especially, may require minor repairs here and there as they experience wear and tear.

If you do think you need hot water heater repair, we recommend contacting 3 Mountains Plumbing as soon as you can. Even if it seems like a minor problem, treating it promptly can help you solve the issue before it turns into something more significant.

Your hot water heater might need repair if:
  • Your hot water appliances aren’t working the same way they used to
  • You’ve noticed discolored water coming from the faucets
  • There is leaking near the main unit
  • You’re not getting very much hot water
  • The system is frequently cycling on and off
  • Hot water doesn’t last as long as it used to
  • There are odd noises coming from the unit