Most homeowners would agree that plumbing issues are a major cause of headaches in the home. Whether it be a plumbing emergency or something as simple as a leaky faucet—which is what we will cover today—plumbing mishaps can leave homeowners with headaches and bills they don’t want to deal with. The most common problem, and one you may not even really notice in the home, is the notorious leaky faucet. If your home is suffering from leaky faucets in Portland, OR, read on to find common causes of this household issue.

  1. You Need a New O Ring: Keeping the seals airtight on your faucet is a job dedicated to the O ring. If your faucet is dripping, especially if it’s dripping by the handle where the O ring is in use, it might be worth attempting to replace the part to see if that fixes the issue. If so, your leaky faucet problems will be easily resolved.
  2. Broken Seals: Broken seals, and we don’t mean the happy cuddly kind that swims in the harbor, can be a leading cause of faucet leaks. Over time and usage, inlet and outlet seals can wear out, causing leaks to occur in your faucet. Seal replacement should quickly resolve the issue.
  3. Unstable Water Pressure: Unstable water pressure is likely a culprit to your leaky faucet if you only see leaks during particular times of the day. If the pressure is too high, water can back up and leak out at certain points, including the faucet. Calling a professional plumber to look at your water pressure is the most effective way to fix this issue.
  4. Busted Plumbing: If your faucet is leaking and you know it’s not a seal, O ring, or water pressure, it could be a broken plumbing fixture. When fixtures crack after heavy use or age, they can leak water, causing your faucet to leak and creating quite a mess in the bathroom or kitchen. Professional plumbing repair is the smartest way to handle this situation, as DIY may become a difficult task.

In every home, faucets will leak. When the time comes, understanding what causes the issue may help you resolve it yourself, or know to call a professional. When it comes time to call a professional to fix leaky faucets in Portland, OR 3 Mountains Plumbing is ready to submit the challenge.

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