Excavation Plumbing Services in Milwaukie, OR
November 15

The Benefits of Excavation Services For Your Plumbing System

At some point in your homeowner’s journey, you will inevitably be faced with a plumbing issue. Indoor plumbing is one of the world’s greatest inventions,… View Article Read More

Electrical Outlets in Milwaukie, OR
November 7

Types of Electrical Outlets and How To Use Them

In our country, there are many different types of appliances, electronics and power tools. These various devices come with different types of cords. The cord… View Article Read More

Electrical Grounding in Milwaukie, OR
November 1

A Properly Grounded Electrical System Is Essential

If you’ve heard people talking about electrical systems, you’ve more than likely heard the term ‘grounded’. Laymen often don’t know what this term means or… View Article Read More

October 2

Home Service Nightmares: Spooky Solutions for Your Haunted Pipes

As the moon casts an eerie glow and leaves rustle in the cool autumn breeze, Halloween approaches with its bag of tricks and treats. While… View Article Read More

electrical services in Milwaukie, Oregon
August 21

A Homeowner’s Basic Guide To Your Electrical System

Electricity powers almost everything in our lives at this point. But what does that mean for you as a homeowner? Your electrical system is different… View Article Read More

Plumbing Services in Milwaukie, Oregon
August 9

5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Fall

Fall is around the corner and with it comes beautiful Fall foliage, colder weather, or maybe a trip to the pumpkin patch. Sadly, Fall can… View Article Read More

Drain Cleaning in Milwaukie, Oregon
July 14

Common Items That Can & Cannot Go Down Your Drains

Dumping household waste down the drain seems so easy, but do you know how much damage it can cause to your drain and sewer system?… View Article Read More

Drain Cleaning in Milwaukie, Oregon
June 15

The Difference Between Clearing vs Cleaning Your Drains

When a lot of people think of drain cleaning, they think of snakes. But drain snakes have a different job. A drain snake is a… View Article Read More

Plumbing Services in Milwaukie, Oregon
March 20

Plumbing Tips to Help Protect our Earth

Celebrate Earth Day! Here are some useful plumbing tips to help you reduce your footprint and love planet Earth all year long! Keep your rain… View Article Read More

Plumbing Maintenance in Milwaukie, Oregon
February 27

Springtime Drain & Plumbing Checklist for Portland Homes

Spring is coming to Portland, Oregon! Check out our tips for spring to ensure your Portland home is ready for the spring: Check your home… View Article Read More