If you’re considering investing in one of our sump pumps in Milwaukie, OR, there are so many good reasons to do so and so many reasons to choose 3 Mountains Plumbing. Excess water anywhere in your home can cause expensive and devastating water damage. Usually, this water damage can be prevented by fixing leaks and keeping your plumbing and roof in order.

However, when it comes to your basement and water rising from underneath your home, different measures need to be taken. That’s where our sump pumps come in. These systems help to eliminate excess water from your basement and prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

As soon as water levels rise above a certain point, your sump pump will activate and pump water away from the space and into the sewer system. We can also help you with sump pump repair, so please call our skilled plumbers if your existing system shows signs of a problem.