Bidets have been common in many parts of the world for some time, including Europe, South America, Northern Africa, and Asia. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, these fixtures began to become appealing to Americans who were struggling to find toilet paper, and they’ve continued to be a success, maintaining consistent sales growth since 2020.

Households throughout Beaverton and surrounding areas seem more eager to embrace this new way of cleaning up after using the toilet than they did pre-pandemic. Still, there’s some reluctance on the part of many. At 3 Mountains Home Services, we field questions from people all the time about how these devices work and want to provide you with the best information to make an educated decision.

While there are plenty of bidet options, based on features and price points, bidets come in two forms: an attachment to your regular toilet or a separate sink-like fixture. Each uses adjustable water sprays to provide a hands-free, sanitary option for cleaning. If you’re a big spender, you can opt for a bidet that includes a heated seat, a wireless remote with multiple stream spray settings, and a hands-free dryer for your bottom. These high-tech bidets come with a hefty price tag around $1,400. If you’re looking for something more affordable that still gets the job done, a bidet attachment for less than $100 does just as good of a job.

Why Bidets Are a Better Option Than Toilet Paper

You might be on the fence about switching to a bidet. The superiority of bidets over toilet paper stands on three fundamental pillars—hygiene, sustainability, and gentleness.

For starters, bidets deliver a superior level of cleanliness that toilet paper can’t come close to competing with. Toilet paper doesn’t do nearly as good of a job removing bacteria and fecal matter as jetted water does. If you’re prone to irritation or infections, a bidet can provide better protection and improved hygiene than even the softest, anti-bacterial toilet paper.

Another reason to consider using a bidet and ditching toilet paper is for environmental reasons. Sure, there are eco-friendly toilet paper options, but most toilet paper products leave behind a significant carbon footprint and use chemicals that bleach the paper. If you’re concerned about deforestation and chemical processing, consider installing a bidet. They use minimal water and a great eco-friendly option for staying clean and fresh.

You might suffer from hemorrhoids or find yourself in the bathroom frequently because of gastrointestinal issues. If so, you might experience irritation from time to time. The soft water stream from a bidet provides a much more soothing experience than using rough toilet paper.

Benefits of Using a Bidet

Above, we mentioned some of the core advantages of bidets, but there are other benefits, too. Here are some perks worth considering when deciding whether to make the switch.

1. Economic Efficiency

The upfront cost of purchasing and installing a bidet can get pricey if you choose a more expensive model. However, you’ll quickly begin seeing a decent return on your investment when you stop buying toilet paper all the time.

2. Reliability

Never reach for an empty toilet paper roll again. Bidets never run out of water, and you don’t have to panic when the toilet paper roll is empty. You also won’t have to worry about your drains backing up because you used too much toilet paper.

3. Compatibility

Are you worried your bidet will look out of place? We have good news: modern bidets fit seamlessly with existing toilet seats. If you choose an attachment model, the installation is straightforward and compatible with most bathroom layouts. The attachment will extend from the toilet’s side about four or five inches, and most come in various colors to match your preference.

4. Health Benefits

Bidets provide many health benefits. Bidets offer hygienic cleansing that goes a long way toward preventing infections, such as yeast and urinary tract infections. Most have sprays for cleaning the back and front of one’s anatomy, making them perfect for men and women.

5. Accessibility

People with mobility challenges find that using a bidet gives them back some dignity. They don’t have to ask for help or walk around feeling unclean. Bidets help people have better autonomy and easier personal hygiene routines.

6. A Luxurious Bathroom Experience

Luxury is the final benefit bidets offer. With some models featuring water temperature adjustments, air dryers, remotes, and seat warmers, a simple bathroom trip can easily transform into a spa-like experience.

Keep the Fixture Clean

To maintain hygiene, you need to clean your bidet regularly. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to learn more about cleaning the nozzles and other surfaces correctly. Using a bidet properly will allow you to get maximum benefit and make your bathroom experience as easy as possible. The advantages of a bidet are too great to pass on the opportunity to try one.

Your Bidet Experts

If you would’ve asked an average person about installing a bidet before COVID, they might have rolled their eyes. Common in other parts of the world, Americans weren’t as quick to embrace this technology. Fast-forward several years and attitudes toward bidets have changed. These fixtures became popular during the pandemic when toilet paper flew off shelves and people started to embrace the benefits of bidets. At 3 Mountains Home Services, we get excited about introducing people to the benefits and practicalities of bidets and why they’re a better alternative than toilet paper.

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