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It may seem strange at first, but in the last 13 years, we’ve learned that the best way to run our Portland residential plumbing business is to be as up-front with our customers as possible. To us, this means being a transparent company that strives to provide superior customer service and nothing short of excellence in our plumbing practice. Simply stated, quotes and random pricing methods do not fit into our professional model.

We Do Not Believe in Quotes!

When it comes to pricing and providing quotes, the 3 Mountains Plumbing philosophy is this: Quotes are not accurate. Quotes can and will change. If a plumbing company offers an average quote that is naturally subject to fluctuation—usually an increase—then the company simply doesn’t know what the job entails.

At 3 Mountains Plumbing, our professionals believe that if we don’t know exactly what the job will cost, then we don’t know what the job entails, and if that’s the case, we don’t think we deserve to do the job.

We Do Believe in Providing Up-Front Fixed Rates!

A fixed-rate means exactly that—fixed. It will not waver, it will change. That’s our guarantee. Here’s how it works:

  1. Call us with your plumbing challenge or question.
  2. An informed professional will facilitate your call and schedule a time for a plumber to visit your home. We aim to do this at your convenience and on the same day if possible.
  3. Should you choose to go forward; we will complete all of the work right then and there until the job is 100% complete.
  4. The initial dispatch fee is then put towards your overall, final invoice.

Call or visit 3 Mountains Plumbing today to get up-front fixed-rate pricing for your Portland home’s plumbing systems.

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