When you have leaky pipes in Portland, your first move will most likely be to call up a professional plumber at 3 Mountains Plumbing to get them fixed. After all, a large part of what makes treating leaky pipes so urgent is that a single leak can cost you upwards of thousands of gallons of water, and you need pipe problems fixed as soon as possible to keep the costs of water bills down. However, leak detection isn’t always so easy. The main difficulty of leak detection is that pipe leaks often aren’t immediately visible, since they form under floors and between walls.

3 Mountains Plumbing is here to show how you can detect leaky pipes in Portland so you can spot them in your home and call for professional service immediately! Our team of professional plumbers has tackled pipe leaks across the area, which lends itself greatly to offering advice to customers. If you listen to our advice, you’ll be spotting leaks like a pro in no time!

Common Indicators of Leaky Pipes in Portland

Not sure when to give us a call for leaky pipe repair? Observe the following signs for leaky pipes so you can call us as soon as possible:

  1. Mold Growth: Remember: where moisture festers, mold will follow. Mold can be harmful to breathe in, leading to breathing and respiratory problems. Water from pipe leaks will only make this worse, putting the health and safety of your family at risk. You need to avoid that situate all costs, so make sure to call for professional service immediately.
  2. Higher Water Bills: Trying to keep up with high water bills can be stressful, especially if they show no signs of lowering. Leaky pipes can only exacerbate this problem, potentially leaving you in a deep financial hole. If you want to put your financial woes to rest, call for a professional to inspect your pipes immediately.
  3. Wet Spots on Floors and Walls: When pipes leak, you may notice that your floors and walls will dampen, seemingly by the moment. Failure to seek professional treatment can lead to extensive water damage that can force you to spend plenty of time and money on repair services. You may even have to seek temporary residence somewhere else during the water damage repair process.
  4. Musty Smells: A buildup of old water in your pipes can create a musty smell in your home. The bad smells can throw off your home’s otherwise relaxing atmosphere, and guests certainly won’t be satisfied. Call to have a professional inspect your pipes to determine what needs to be done to ensure unpleasant odors are gone for good.

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing today if you’re noticing any of these signs and we’ll fix leaky pipes in Portland in a hurry!

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