Plumbing maintenance in Sellwood OR may be the right step in ensuring this upcoming summer is one of your most enjoyable in recent memory. Temperatures are rising, swimming pools are opening, and the days are getting longer. Would you want to ruin all that possibility for fun due to constantly being bombarded by plumbing problems? Of course not! That’s why it is essential to make sure your plumbing system is properly maintained so you can keep the level of fun high and the costs of utility bills low.

3 Mountains Plumbing should be your first choice this summer if you need to help maintaining your home’s plumbing system. We want our customers in Sellwood, OR to enjoy the summer to its fullest, which is why our team of plumbers will be available at any point during the season to assist. We can carefully inspect your plumbing system for any problems and get them fixed before the summer gets truly underway.

Follow These Helpful Tips for Plumbing Maintenance in Sellwood, OR!

Don’t let your summertime fun go to waste due to a faulty plumbing system! Please take the following actions to ensure better comfort and convenience:

  • Water Your Lawn at the Right Time: The summertime is perfect for watering your lawn to keep it nice and green. Early morning and evening are the best times to do so, mainly because the sun either hasn’t fully risen or is on its way down. Water can evaporate quickly in the middle of the day, costing you gallons of water.
  • Keep Larger Foods Away from Your Disposal: Your garbage disposal is useful for chopping pieces of food that would otherwise cause a drain clog. Since you will most likely be hosting cookouts at your home this summer, it’s important to remember to cut up larger pieces of food before throwing them into the disposal, or else the disposal itself will being to clog.
  • Turn Down Water Heater Temperature: It’s not the time of year when you will need hot water all the time to live comfortably in your home. Even though you still need hot water in your home, it may be better to turn the temperature of your water heater by a few degrees to conserve water and energy.
  • Wash Full Loads of Laundry: You will be spending plenty of time outdoors this season, which means you will have more dirty clothes to wash. But don’t just wash small loads. That can only waste gallons of water that could be used elsewhere. Always wash full loads of laundry to get more clean clothes at lower costs.

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing today if you want to learn more about plumbing maintenance in Sellwood, OR to ensure a happier summer for you and your family.

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