How do you want to spend summer’s final weeks: relaxing in the sun, or having to deal with plumbing problems in Portland, OR? If you’re the type who loves stress (which we can’t imagine is any of you), it may be the latter. But as far as we’re concerned, no resident in Portland, OR should be spending summer’s final weeks stressing over the state of their plumbing. You should be able to transition into the fall with relative ease. The weather will be cool, and so should you.

If you’re experiencing plumbing problems in Portland, OR right now, you need to call 3 Mountains Plumbing immediately. We can make any repair to ensure your plumbing system is restored just in time for fall, no matter if it’s a leaky pipe or clogged toilet. The fall and winter will bring challenges of their own regarding your home’s plumbing system and it’s best to seek service now to avoid them. Our plumbers will always be there for you, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call.

What Plumbing Problems in Portland, OR Need to be Fixed?

Getting any of these plumbing problems fixed before the summer ends will ensure you have a stress-free winter and fall:

  • Clogged Toilets: Think experiencing clogged toilets are unfortunate now? Experiencing them amid a winter storm can be even worse, especially when you’re most likely staying indoors. Allowing a clogged toilet to persist in your home can be incredibly unsanitary and needs to be fixed immediately. Plus, can you imagine life at any point of the year without a working toilet?
  • Leak Repair: The fall and winter see a higher risk of frozen and burst pipes that will lead to water damage, depleted savings, and plenty of other nightmares. If you’re experiencing a leaky pipe or two at the moment, getting it fixed now will ensure you have durable piping for the months ahead. Any repair ensuring you won’t have to deal with the mess of a burst pipe is always a good idea.
  • Water Heating Problems: Hot showers will sound much more appealing when the weather begins to cool down, which is why repairing your water heater at this time of year will go a long way in ensuring your comfort. You need hot water for showering, dishwashing, laundry, cooking, and more. Fixing any lingering problems with your water heater now will guarantee you have hot water for all these basic, everyday activities.

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing today if you need any of these plumbing problems in Portland, OR fixed and our team of plumbers will be more than glad to help!

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