We receive lots of sump pump-related calls this time of year during Portland’s early spring months in March and April. Our excessively rainy season takes a toll on sump pumps, often overworking their switches. A broken sump pump switch may lead to basement or crawl space flooding–something Portland homeowners will want to avoid.

How Do Sump Pumps Work?

When a sump pump is in proper working order, the water rises to a level where it hits the float switch and alerts the sump pump to begin pumping. This naturally alleviates excessive water, but if the switch is broken, water will overflow and there’s trouble to be had.

What Does 3 Mountains Plumbing Recommend?

3 Mountains Plumbing suggests considering a sump pump alarm when installing or repairing sump pumps. The alarm sound will alert homeowners to rising water levels before the problem worsens. While this installation may be a bit more costly, an alarm sound is certainly preferable to a flooded crawl space.

Other Signs of Sump Pump Problems?

While disconnected float switches are the most common sump pump-related problems we see in the Portland area, other signs or causes of problems include:

  • Corroded or cracked sump pump basins
  • Electrical shortages
  • Sudden and frequent water leaks in the basement or crawl space

What to Expect

3 Mountains Plumbing uses Zoeller sump pumps for all installations. In business since 1939, Zoeller is a trusted and reliable brand with great customer reviews. As always, 3 Mountains Plumbing provides a three-year warranty on service and parts.

Portland sump pump repairs and replacements are a timely issue we are prepared to fix. Give us a call for help with all of your Portland sump pump needs.

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