Avoid Embarrassing Toilet Backups

If you plan on entertaining for the holidays — whether hosting a large party or simply putting up the in-laws while they’re in town — more people in your house means your toilet plumbing will be working overtime.

A toilet clog is never fun to deal with, and it’s even worse when it happens at someone else’s house. Spare your guests the enjoyment of having to inform you of a nasty toilet clog – and yourself the hassle of having to call in a Portland plumber over the holidays – by taking a few easy measures to ensure the health of your toilet plumbing.

Buy quality toilet paper. You may think you’re saving money by buying inexpensive toilet paper brands; however, the cheaper the toilet paper, the more likely it is that you’ll end up with a toilet clog. Soft (quality) toilet paper dissolves more easily than rough and scratchy (cheap) toilet paper. Additionally, the better your toilet paper is, the less of it people will feel they need to use. And that’s good news for your toilet plumbing.

Check your plumbing regularly. You never know what’s going on inside your pipes unless you check. Regularly bringing in a Portland plumber to inspect your toilet plumbing, especially before the holidays, can go a long way toward preventing an overflow or other disaster. If your toilet is prone to clogging or other problems, be sure to call a Portland plumber before your guests arrive.

Put a garbage can next to the toilet. For the health of your toilet plumbing, you mustn’t put any unnecessary items down the toilet drain. While you can’t control what your guests do while they’re in the bathroom, you can reduce the likelihood that they’ll flush their Kleenex, hygiene products, sanitizer wipes, or other foreign objects by placing a garbage can right next to the toilet.

Watch the space above your toilet. Do you store small objects above your toilet? Often a toilet clog is caused by objects falling into the toilet plumbing, usually without the homeowner’s knowledge. If possible, move smaller objects away from the toilet and store them elsewhere.

Keep a plunger visible and handy. You’ve worked hard to get your home looking its best for your guests, and an unsightly plunger may not be your top choice for bathroom décor. In a pinch, however, keeping a plunger where your guests can see it can spare them much embarrassment by allowing them to clear a toilet clog before it causes an overflow.

By taking these minor problems, you can spare both yourself and your guests the awkwardness of an untimely toilet clog. If you need assistance, though, call 3 Mountains Plumbing today!

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