Toilet Paper, Tree Roots both Causes for clog in Drain Line

A gentleman, who takes care of an elderly family member at home, called because he noticed that a family member tried to flush too much toilet paper down the drain at once. This could become a serious issue if not taken care of as soon as possible because it could result in multiple drains backing up into your home.

In this situation, it’s clear what the cause of the obstruction is: Too much toilet paper. Today’s brands are really durable which is great for consumers, but not so great for your drains. Using too much can, and will, easily cause a clog.

But that’s not the only way clogs like this can occur. The most common reason for sewer lines being backed up is tree roots that have invaded your pipes. Roots look for moisture wherever they can find it – even if that means squeezing into the tiniest cracks they can find. Once they get in, they will continue to grow until they get so big, they cause the drain line to become blocked.

In a situation where a clog is caused by toilet paper, hair, or other small obstructions, a plumber’s snake might do the trick. However, if the reason for your backed-up sewer line is tree roots, then a plumber will have to come in and use a process called “water jetting.” That will send high-pressure water quickly down your pipes, eliminating any type of clog you may have.

For any type of drain clog, call 3 Mountains Plumbing so we can get your drains working properly once again.

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