Is Your Shower Hot Enough?

Few household problems may be more frustrating than a shower or bath that is just not hot enough. You work hard, you play hard, and you pay your water bill on time. You deserve hot water!

So, what is the Problem?

More than likely, the problem is caused by a faulty water heater. Water heaters must be maintained, preferably before a major catastrophe occurs and you are stuck with an unfortunate onslaught of cold water that never heats up.

Signs of a Broken Water Heater

  • Cold water that won’t heat up. If you’re getting nothing but cold water, there is most definitely something wrong with your water heater. Give us a call right away so we can help.
  • Room temperature water. While better than freezing, room-temperature water is not good enough and is a sure sign that something is wrong with your home’s plumbing system.
  • Fluctuations in water temperature. Water temperatures should remain steady based on your comfort level. There should be no varying degree of temperature beyond your commands.
  • Very low water pressure. Hotter water temperatures should not equate to low water pressure. This is another sure sign of a water heater problem.
  • A hasty installation by a local home project store. These water heaters are, more often than not, inappropriately sized.

If your water is slow to heat up, but does eventually get hot, it may be because you have a conventional rather than tankless water heater. While we’re happy to repair or replace a conventional water heater, 3 Mountains Plumbing always recommends tankless water heaters for both long-term cost efficiency and lower environmental impact.

3 Mountains Plumbing only employs fully licensed plumbers with the experience necessary for big water heater installation jobs. We make sure the job is done right the first time and are always prepared for the unexpected. We also provide our customers with a full three-year warranty on all services and products, so you’re covered in the rare event something should not go according to plan.

Give 3 Mountains Plumbing a call to find out more about the benefits of a tankless water heater installation, or if you have questions concerning your water temperature. We’re happy to help!

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