Ask a Portland Plumber: Why Do You Need a Clean out?

A customer wanted us to install a sewer cleanout so that it was accessible and above the ground. The one he had was underneath his house.

A sewer cleanout is a capped pipe that allows professionals to clear out blockages in the sewer system by providing access to the sewer line. They are located on both the lateral sewer line (which connects a resident’s plumbing to the municipal line) as well at certain intervals along the municipal sewer line. It is usually installed at the front or side of a home and is used when a plumber needs to examine or clean the interior of sewer drainpipes.

The cleanout fitting is usually a PVC pipe with a four-inch diameter. The cap is usually threaded so that it can be easily removed should any maintenance ever be needed to the sewer line. In some areas, backwater overflow devices are also required to help relieve the drain system in the case of a clogged line or an overflow.

Any sort of cleanout installation should only be performed by a professional. Call 3 Mountains Plumbing if you ever need this sort of work done on your property.

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