Top 10 Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

As you read in one of our latest posts, some significant faults with conventional water heaters have been brought to light since the popularity of tankless water heaters has taken off. But, what is it about these new water heating systems that make them so desirable? We’ll tell you!

Why You Need a Tankless Water Heater

  1. Great return on investment: Don’t be frightened by the initial cost of a tankless. Newer, better technology is naturally going to cost more money. But, throughout its 20-year life, you can expect to save upwards of $1,700 in energy costs alone.
  2. No flooding: Because water heaters won’t leak (no tank to hold gallons of water), you won’t experience any flooding.
  3. Longer lifespan: As mentioned, a tankless will last you a good 20 years, while a conventional is typically only good for about 10. Not only are you getting more life out of a tankless, but you will save money in the long run without having to replace the system multiple times like you would with a traditional unit.
  4. No sediment or odors: When sediment builds up in a tanked unit, it can cause rusty water and may ultimately lead to system failure.
  5. Endless hot water: Conventional water heaters store gallons and gallons of water in their tank and every so often they will have to reheat it. This means you will not have access to hot water until it’s done heating up. Tankless, on the other hand, are tank-free with water passing over a heating element so you will have endless hot water every time you request it.
  6. Energy is efficient: Enjoy receiving up to 98% efficiency with your tankless, which means only 2% of its energy is wasted in comparison to a conventional system’s 25%.
  7. Great resale value: Though not on the top of your mind, it is a good point to consider. Viewed as a modern convenience, tankless water heaters can increase the value of your home.
  8. Space savings: Only about the size of a travel suitcase, you can mount a tankless system on an interior or exterior wall, freeing up space in a basement, closet, or other room you may have housed a conventional water heater in the past.
  9. Consistent temperatures: You will never have a spike of cold water during your shower. Tankless water heaters also ensure water is brought to the exact temperature set on the thermostat!
  10. No breaks: Because no tank can crack or break, you won’t experience any leaking!

For more information on getting a tankless water heater installed in your home, call the experts at 3 Mountains Plumbing today!

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