Helping Homeowners Afford Necessary Plumbing Services

Everyone needs the occasional residential plumbing service, but not everyone can afford it – particularly those who are physically or financially challenged. For example, a homeowner may need the help of a remodeling plumber to retrofit a bathroom or kitchen to accommodate a disability. Fortunately, Portland offers nonprofit organizations such as ReFIT to help.

What ReFIT Does

ReFIT is a local nonprofit organization that provides no-cost home modifications to help physically and financially challenged homeowners continue living independently in their homes. Modifications can be as simple as installing a wheelchair ramp or as complex as bringing in a remodeling plumber to give a bathroom a complete accessibility overhaul. Based here in Portland, ReFIT helps residents who do not qualify for any other home repair programs.

How 3 Mountains Home Services Helps

As a community-minded residential plumbing service, 3 Mountains Home Services is happy to help ReFIT serve its mission by volunteering our time and remodeling plumber skills to help limited-mobility homeowners with their accessibility needs. Whether it’s installing a threshold-free shower or adapting kitchen fixtures for use from a wheelchair, we’re happy to donate our time and abilities to such a worthy cause.

Making a community better can be accomplished one task at a time. When homeowners with limited mobility can remain independent and continue living in their own homes, all of society benefits. We’re proud to volunteer and serve on the board of directors for ReFIT.

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