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Why Choose Hydrojetting

Don’t get us wrong: drain snakes are a cheap and effective means of clearing out clogs, and we use them whenever possible.  For those that don’t know, snakes and rooters essentially work by taking out obstructions with the same corkscrew motion. However, there are some situations where a simple drain snake, or even a hydraulic rooter, won’t get the job done right.  That’s because some drain problems aren’t caused by immediate blockages but, rather, by a gradual loss of flow capacity over time.  You see, even when we use our drains the right way (without ever pouring grease, coffee grinds, hygiene products, and other unauthorized materials) they still lose efficiency overtime.

Food from our plates, oils from our skin, and sediment from inside of our pipes all tend to build-up along the inner walls of our sewer lines.  As build up increases, it reduces the amount of material that can pass through the pipes.  Taking out the clog will temporarily re-introduce flow, but it’s only a matter of time before all of that grime catches something again and causes yet another issue.  Drain snakes and rooters often cure the symptoms, but not the real disease.  Additionally, there are some clogs that are just too tough for the traditional meets to break down.  For instance, most tree roots are too thick and deep inside of your system to get with drain snakes – and besides, they just grow back anyway!

When you call 3 Mountains Plumbing for your drain maintenance, we want to make sure that your drain problems don’t simply come back again.  That’s why we offer hydrojetting.  High water pressure jetting sends a powerful blast of water through your pipe system to open even your most difficult clogs and to restore your pipes by removing some of the grime build-up.  With hydro-jetting you get:

  • A Longer Lasting Solution– With hydrojetting, you’ll have more time between repairs, because the root of the problem (sometimes literally) is actually taken care of.
  • No Expensive Digging– Hydrojetting gives you pipes that are as good as new without having to open the ground and replace the old ones.  That means you save the money and the hassle of having a professional dig up your lawn!
  • Restored Pipes– Having a sewer line that is cleaned rather than simply cleared gives you peace of mind that your home’s plumbing system is safe, sanitary, and set to last for many more years.

So call 3 Mountain Plumbing now, and we’ll perform your drain maintenance on the same day as your call!  If we find that your drains would benefits from hydrojetting, we’ll provide the highest technology in the industry beside our quality service guarantee.  Contact the 3 Mountain Plumbing professionals for a high water pressure jetting today!

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