Portland Plumber Uses 4 Methods to Help Find Leaks

A customer called 3 Mountains Plumbing because he noticed his water meter was still running even when there was no water being used in the home – a sure sign you have a leak.

The problems with leaks are sometimes they go undetected, thus causing more damage to your home and more money being spent on water bills. Since neither of those options is good, you’ll want to call in a plumber as soon as you believe you leak. When a plumber comes to your home, they will use one of four leak detection methods:

  1. Infrared technology: This is used to see under the floors and through walls so the plumber can pinpoint the exact location of the leak without ruining your property.
  2. Ultrasonic technology: This measures the variation in the sound loss in your pipes
  3. Video detection: With this equipment, a plumber can see an exact representation of what your pipes look like so they can detect where any problems are within them.
  4. Smoke detection: This method, used as a last resort, involves pumping harmless smoke into your pipes and looking to see where the smoke escapes.
  5. At 3 Mountains Plumbing, we’ll always find the source of your leak and fix it as soon as possible. Call us today!

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