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Precautions You Can Take to Prevent Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is quite common throughout the country. With the seasons switching from winter to spring, snowmelt and increased rain can cause water to leak into your basement or back up through your plumbing. Any house can be at risk, and water flooding can result in costly repairs due to water damage or mold and

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sump pump vs ejector pump in Portland
Portland Plumber: Sump Pumps vs. Sewage Ejection Pumps

What’s the Difference? While somewhat similar, we find that many of our Portland-based customers confuse the differences between sump pumps and sewage ejection pumps.  We felt it was worth witing up an easy guide to help clarify the differences and similarities between the two, and to explain why you might need one or both in your home. Similarities

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ejection-pump Service in Portland with 3 Mountains Plumbing
Ask a Portland Plumber: Do I Need a Sewer Ejection Pump?

Bathrooms Located Below Water Main Line, Need Ejection Pump Some homes, bathrooms, and toilets are built or installed in such a way that they are placed below the water main line. This means that gravity alone cannot clear out sewage. Sewer ejection pumps, or sewer injection pumps, are pumps that work to move sewage to

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