Leaky faucets are probably the number one “I’ll do it this weekend, Honey” project that never quite gets taken care of. It makes sense. Weekends are busy. Sometimes it can feel like you’ve driven all over Portland with all the soccer games, grocery shopping, and the million and a half other things that need to get done during those two little days are we supposed to find time for leaky faucets?

That being said, however, you’ve got to do it, whether it’s calling the sitter or making mac and cheese for dinner for the next few days, take a few minutes to inspect your Portland home’s faucets. Something as seemly harmless as a leaky faucet left unattended could cause serious water damage.

Here are 5 common signs you need to repair your leaky faucet in Portland.

  1. Is there water coming out from around the base of the fixture? This could be an indication that your faucet isn’t just leaky; it might also be broken. Check for cracks or warps along the base. If you don’t see any try gently moving the faucet. Your faucet should stay in place. If it’s moving around, your facet may not be broken just loose and needs tightening.
  2. Your aerator is blocked. Ever wonder what that little screen on your faucet is for? That little screen is called an aerator and it helps reduce water waste and increase water pressure. As water leaves the faucet the aerator spreads it across the screen. The holes “squeeze” the water causing it to come out with more force. When the aerator is blocked or has a tear, the process no longer works.
  3. Corrosion is usually unavoidable. Given enough time and usage water will eventually break down metal. If you notice any rust-colored patches, it’s time to replace your leaky faucet. Hairline fractures shouldn’t be ignored either because they are more susceptible to water’s corrosive effects.
  4. Does a whole of nothing happen when you twist the handle on your leaky faucet? The handle(s) may be stripped. A stripped handle will turn, but because it doesn’t have proper contact with the stem and the water won’t turn on or off. This is a normal occurrence that happens with regular use.
  5. Portland is a pretty wet place, so some level of mold is to be expected. However, if there is pink or black mold around your faucet that comes back no matter how many times you clean, chances are you have a leaky faucet that needs to be replaced. Mold spreads very easily and is incredibly damaging to your home. Replacing a leaky faucet is just one more line of defense for your Portland home.

Many homeowners feel confident tackling leaky faucet repairs themselves, but if time is not on your side, call your friendly, Portland plumbers at 3 Mountains Home Services, and we can quickly take care of the problem for you.

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