Consider your water heater in Portland as the crown jewel of your home’s plumbing system. Like any luxury item, it should be treated with the utmost care and concern in the same way you would a nice car. However, when it stops working as it should, it can seriously wreak havoc on your daily life. So much of your daily life is reliant on hot water whether that morning shower, cooking a meal, washing the dishes, and more. Without the water heater working, you may not even be able to do some of the simplest things in your home.

3 Mountains Plumbing offers installation, repair, and replacement for your water heater in Portland. If you think your water heater in Portland needs assistance, you can count on our water heater experts to get the job done, no matter your water heating demands. A problem with your water heater can arise at any time, so don’t allow a faulty water heater to derail your good time!

When Do You Need to Fix Your Water Heater Portland?

If you think you’re alone with your water heater problems, think again. Here are 5 common signs our water heating experts usually identify when it’s time for water heater repair:

  1. Low Water Pressure: This issue typically occurs with tankless water heaters and is caused by the fact that the heating element needs time to heat the water before delivering it to the point of use. Low water pressure can hinder even the most relaxing shower, so it’s best to get it fixed.
  2. No Hot Water for Fixtures: A lack of hot water is a frustrating problem that usually occurs when the storage tank isn’t large enough to accommodate the daily hot water consumption. Replacing the appliance with one with a larger tank is the recommended solution.
  3. Leaks: Leaks in the storage tank or its plumbing are indicated by wet spots or pooling water beneath the appliance. When the leak is located around the lines, it can sometimes be fixed by tightening or replacing the affected part. While smaller leaks and cracks may not seem like much of a concern, they can waste plenty of gallons of water.
  4. Tank Corrosion or Rust: A corroded storage tank will result in leaks, so you need to choose whether to wait or invest in a new heater. You also don’t want the rust to contaminate the water in any way, no matter how slight the rusting is.
  5. High Energy Bills: A faulty water heater will use up more energy to produce hot water. This can only spell doom for your energy bills as you can potentially see them increase to unbearable levels. Repairs can help solve any problems but if your water heater appears to be beyond repair, it may be time to consider a replacement.

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing today if you need to repair your water heater in Portland, especially if you notice these 5 signs!

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