Homeowners who own a water heater that’s more than 10 years old are advised to check whether they need water heater replacement in Portland. The typical lifespan of a water heater is about 8 to 12 years, and with new water heater efficiency standards in place, it may be difficult to get a direct water heater replacement shortly.

So act now! Fortunately, there are some telltale signs that your old appliance is on its last legs:

  1. The water doesn’t heat to the right temperature: When you turn on the hot faucet, the water’s tepid or fails to heat to the preset temperature, no matter how long you run it. This problem indicates that the heating mechanism isn’t functioning correctly.
  2. There’s no hot water at all: When you turn on the hot faucet, you don’t get any hot water at all, no matter how long you wait. This indicates that the heating mechanism has failed.
  3. There’s sediment or rust in the water: If the water coming out of the faucet is cloudy or rust-colored, it points to a buildup of rust or sediment in the tank. This is a natural development as your appliance ages, but one that compromises water quality.
  4. The tank is leaking water: This is usually the result of cracks and breaks due to corrosion. When the tank leaks, it not only wastes energy and compromises the hot water supply; it can also be hazardous if the leak is close to any electrical component. Furthermore, it can also cause water damage that can compromise the structure of your home.
  5. The appliance doesn’t turn on even after flipping the breaker switch: If the appliance is off and doesn’t restart even after you’ve flipped the breaker switch, there’s a serious problem with the electrical components.

Of course, if your water heater is still relatively new, some of these issues can be repaired by a qualified plumber. To find out what the best course of action is for you, call 3 Mountains Plumbing, your partner in all things plumbing. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable specialists will come to your home to assess the situation and give you their objective opinion on what to do. And no matter whether it’s a small repair or a complete water heater replacement, we provide you with the very best service every step of the way!

Call 3 Mountains Plumbing for water heater services done right today!

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