No matter what you do, your drains will need maintenance at one point or another. This is because, over time, our drains start to lose flow capacity from having oils from our skin and grease from our foods build up along the walls of our pipes. As they age, pipes become more at risk of producing clogs, backing up, or even collapsing — which is why it’s so important to keep an eye on them! The 3 Mountains Plumbing experts can restore your pipes with hydro jetting service and routine drain maintenance. However, you can help make sure your plumbing lasts and continues functioning by following these drain safety tips:

  1. Stay Away from Drain Chemicals– It’s a smart practice to perform regular treatments on your drains but be careful of what products you use. Some of the largest drain cleaner brands, such as Drain, tend to have corrosive elements in them that eat away at and weaken your pipes! They may solve your clog problem in the short run, but over time these nasty chemicals degrade the walls of your pipes and cause more problems than they solve.
  2. When in Doubt, Throw it Out! – Don’t put anything down your drains that you aren’t sure will pass through. Hygienic products and paper towels were not ever meant to be flushed. Even thick liquids, such as grease, can cause major problems over time if they happen to line the interiors of your drain system.
  3. Be Careful Where You Plant– Beautiful, majestic trees are part of what makes Oregon such a gorgeous place to live year-round, but when you’re doing landscaping in your front yard, beware! Some major sewer problems are caused by the roots from trees that are planted too near the piping system.
  4. Install a Back-Flow Valve– During major downpours, sewer main line overflows are fairly common. These messy disasters are unsanitary and inconvenient — they can only be effectively avoided by installing a back-flow valve in your main sewer line.
  5. Professional Maintenance– Remember, the experts at 3 Mountains Plumbing are always available for emergency service. If you experience a bad odor, a toilet backup, a clog, or symptoms of a leak, give us a call right away!

Call 3 Mountains Plumbing for high-quality drain and sewer maintenance every time!

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