No one wants their hot shower to be interrupted by an onslaught of icy water, but if your water heater is nearing the end of its life expectancy, frigid showers will become your norm. The plumbing professionals at 3 Mountains Plumbing are standing by to help you stop this trend. 3 Mountains Plumbing has specialized in water heater replacement in Portland for the past 16 years, and they use their experience and expert knowledge to provide their clients with the reliable services that they need. Be on the lookout for these five warning signs that suggest you need a new water heater.

  1. Inconsistent Temperatures: Cold showers are always an indicator that your water heater is on its way out, but a general inconsistency in water temperature is also a sign that something isn’t right. Your water may be too cold or too hot, but either way, you’re not happy. If your thermostat is set somewhere between 120 and 140 degrees, but you’re still not satisfied with the temperature of your water, it’s time to call a professional.
  2. Loud Noises: As your water heater ages, it collects sediment that builds up on the bottom of the tank. When that sediment comes in contact with the heating element, it is burnt away and this process creates loud bangs, creaks, knocks, and whines. The extra noise is annoying, but too much sediment will also affect the efficiency and function of the water heater.
  3. Leaks: If you’ve noticed puddles surrounding your water heater but no obvious leak, your tank may have developed thin fractures that are only noticeable when the water heater is activated. As the metal tank heats up, those cracks widen and become serious leaks. They may be tiny, but those hidden cracks mean your water heater has reached the end of its life.
  4. Rusty Water: If you’ve noticed that your hot water comes out of the faucet looking rusty and discolored, but your cold water is clean and clear, your water heater may be rusting on the inside. Rusty water isn’t ideal for showering and washing dishes, and it also means that your water heater will soon crack and start to leak. Once this happens, there is no way to repair the problem, and your only solution is to replace the unit.
  5. Age: It is recommended that all water heaters that have passed the ten-year mark be replaced even if they haven’t shown signs of an obvious problem. It’s only a matter of time until an aging water heater cracks and causes water damage to your home. Taking the initiative to replace it before that happens will save you money and frustration.

Water heater replacement in Portland doesn’t have to be an expensive, stressful process. 3 Mountains Plumbing will come to your home and replace your water heater in one day. Call us today at 503-715-2829 to receive a quote and take advantage of their expert services.

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