Plumbing usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when Portland residents look forward to the summer. You want to focus on lying peacefully by the pool, or playing with your kids in the backyard, or enjoying a nice, cool summertime beverage on your deck. But plumbing is just a natural, necessary part in the average day of a homeowner’s life, any time of year.

Our Portland plumbers at 3 Mountains Home Services offer a full range of plumbing services at your disposal, as you prepare your home and property for the summer. Although it’s not a popular summertime thought, you’ll still need to keep your plumbing system in the back of your mind. Our Portland plumbers would like to give you a heads up to look out for these 4 common plumbing issues that are likely to come up during this summer:

  1. Be Nice to Your Garbage Disposal: Since summer is the time we usually enjoy stocking up on refreshing fruits to snack on and tasty vegetables to roast on the grille, a lot of these leftovers will end up going through your garbage disposal. Eventually the blade is going to wear down, or be damaged to the point where it leads to clogging issues.
  2. Be Wary of Your Outdoor Hoses & Faucets: If your hose was left out all winter, it’s likely that your hose bib is broken. It’s an easy fix, but make sure you check it for leaks so you’re able to keep up with common chores like washing your car and filling up the kiddie pool!
  3. Thunderstorms Will Challenge Your Sewer & Drains: A summer rain often cools the day down and is a refreshing experience. Just not for your sewer. Ensure that your drains are working up to snuff. Some drainage and sewer problems will be out of your control, but not unmanageable if you’re prepared for them. Your garden will also love all the additional rain to quench its thirst, but that water will add up and possibly overflow and overwhelm your sewer. Be mindful of this and install a sump pump in your basement just in case.
  4. Gut Your Gutters: If you haven’t cleaned out your gutters this spring, get to it! The less blockage you have in them, the more your drainage system will do its job and your house and property will stay as dry as possible.
    These are just a few of the more common plumbing problems you’ll run into this summer. Basically, the thing to remember is: Be aware and be prepared! 3 Mountains Home Services will help you prepare, fight and solve these problems if you give us a chance!

Call the Portland plumbers at 3 Mountains Home Services to take care of any of your plumbing issues this summer!

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