Why Choose 3 Mountains Home Services for Your Replacement

In Portland, homeowners are responsible for all pipes between the sidewalk water meter and the foundation of their homes. More pipe means more room for water service failure. Fortunately, 3 Mountains Home Services are expert water main line replacement professional serving the greater Portland metro area. 3 Mountains Home Services provides the following for their clients:

The Pipe

3 Mountains Home Services will use tried and true polyethylene Wirsbo pipe. With its 10-year labor and materials warranty, plus a 25-year pipe and fittings warrantee, Wirsbo, made by Uponor, is the best choice.

The Installation

3 Mountains Home Services uses directional boring technology that produces very limited impairment to your yard. Of course, it is part of 3 Mountains Home Services’s mission to leave all job sites cleaner than when found, but it helps that directional boring technology employs tidy and efficient drilling.

A Wirsbo pipe installation certified 3 Mountains Home Services professional will dig only a small pothole through which the directional boring machine will land within a foot of its target.

Nothing is Boring About Directional Boring!

  • Accurate
  • Clean
  • Precise
  • Effective

Speak to a professional to find out how 3 Mountains Home Services can help with your Portland property’s water service replacement.

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