Nothing is more frustrating than standing in a shower ankle-deep in your bathwater. It’s gross and defeats the purpose of washing. Either your tub is clogged or perhaps your sink and/or toilet. The most likely cause is a clog somewhere in the system. Over time this can lead to more serious problems. The worst case is a pipe burst and floods your basement because there are so many clogs backing up the system.

Cleaning up water damage is expensive and time-consuming, and when a flood happens you also get the bonus of smelling sewage in your basement for hours or days afterward. Gross. A drain cleaning is the easy—and much less expensive—way to prevent this sort of disaster from happening.

Drain Cleaning Benefits in Portland

You survived the long winter without your pipes freezing. Just when the air warms in the spring, your home floods after the first major rainstorm. Flooding isn’t even the only thing a proactive drain cleaning can help prevent. It also means that you can have:

  • A more hygienic home: Clogged sewage drains give off a sour smell. A drain cleaning eliminates those smells and means you won’t experience smelly wastewater in your basement.
  • Constant water pressure: Flooding in your basement means you’re without water for a few days, but what about before the flood happens? A cleaned drain is one with good water pressure; it’s also less likely to burst and spill water into your basement.
  • Smooth flushing toilets: Sewage pipes are some of the most common to burst and cause flooding. A toilet that flushes smoothly is one where you don’t have to worry about pipe damage and the flood that can result.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your drains cleaned! Get in touch with the plumbing professionals at 3 Mountains Plumbing today and prevent a flood from ruining your home!

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