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Gas Installation in Portland: The Importance of Enlisting a Professional!

Gas installation Portland is an important step in ensuring your home remains as efficient as possible, especially when you use appliances like dryers, ovens, stoves, and more! However, it can’t just be performed by anybody. There is some real danger in having an unlicensed handyman or a scam plumbing service work on gas fitting and

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The Earthquake Shut-Off Valve: Protect Your Home Now!

When you can feel ground start rumbling, you’ll need an earthquake shut-off valve to turn off your main gas line immediately to avoid an even bigger disaster that can leave your home in a heap of rubble. People in the Portland or general Northwest area of the United States experience 15 to 20 earthquakes a

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Fire Pits and Summer Fun: Request Gas Line Services in Portland

One of the most enjoyable kinds of projects we see here at 3 Mountains Plumbing involves gas line services in Portland yards. Obviously, most gas line services we provide are to run gas lines to stoves, ovens, furnaces and water heaters, but there’s one other, super fun application: fire pits!  Gas Line Services for Fire

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