Your sewer line does one of the most important chores in your home—it transports waste away from your property. This is not a simple task. Over time your sewer line is susceptible to breakage and corrosion that is not only harmful to your pipes but your home’s entire plumbing system. Tree roots are major culprits in sewer line damage as they interrupt water flow, create clogs, and lead to broken pipes. Clogs and other types of blockages can cause sluggish draining and apply damaging amounts of pressure to your pipes.

If you suspect that tree roots have impacted your sewer line, you need immediate, professional assistance. The experts at 3 Mountains Plumbing are your source for reliable and effective rooter services in Portland. Don’t settle for less than the best!

3 Mountains Plumbing—Rooter Service You Can Count On

Sewer line issues can be expensive to repair and cause serious damage if handled incorrectly. Trust only a trained and experienced technician like those from 3 Mountains Plumbing to safely alleviate clogs and repair sewer line damages caused by tree roots.

The experts at 3 Mountains Plumbing utilize rooter technology to rid sewer lines of tree root growth. Rootering, or power rodding, consists of a mechanical hose with sharp, rotating blades that cut through debris and tree roots. This technology allows for safe, tree root removal without laborious excavation and pipe replacement.

Rooter services include a routine camera inspection and analysis before rooting. This service is especially important as the inspection allows the plumber to target the location of tree roots, observe the extent of damage, and evaluate the condition of the sewer line. Camera inspections save time and money because they allow experts to analyze sewer line damages without excavating the entire line.

If you’re unsure if your sewer line could benefit from a rooter service, or you know you’ve had tree root issues in the past, ask a technician from 3 Mountains Plumbing to evaluate your plumbing system.

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