Ask a Portland Plumber About Your Drain Cleaning Options

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: do not use liquid drain cleaners!

But don’t worry, we’re not just going to tell you something and not offer alternatives. We’re delighted to have been in the Portland plumbing business for over 13 years and we know what it takes to safely clean household drains and remove clogs. Here’s how we get the job done:

  1. Bio-Clean:

    At 3 Mountains Plumbing our professionals are committed to implementing green initiatives. To meet this ongoing challenge, we are proud to be a dealer of Bio-Clean; a safe, organic drain cleaning solution. Bio-Clean is a unique drain cleaning alternative in that it uses live bacteria to feed on all that nasty material that causes drain clogs—grease, hair, and organic waste.

    Remember that over-the-counter drain cleaning solutions are toxic. They are harmful to both your skin and your drainpipes.

  2. Industry Leading Equipment:

    Our trucks are fully stocked with all of the tools, equipment, and parts necessary to fix any drain clog on our first visit. We use motorized snakes, cutting boards, cutting blades, and corkscrews—safe methods that will optimize your piping system.

  3. Portland Camera Pipe Inspection:

    Camera pipe inspections are the most efficient way to find and identify serious drain clogs. The camera enables our technicians to precisely pinpoint the location of the clog so we can work productively in removing it. Camera inspections save time by eliminating guesswork and unnecessary household demolition.

We work to keep your pipes safe by removing clogs so that they never return. We also offer a minimum one-year warranty on all products and services.

Call or stop by 3 Mountains Plumbing today to learn more about our safe drain cleaning and drain clog removal alternatives.

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