Ask a Portland Plumber: What’s Clogging My Drains?

Many homeowners know that sinking feeling when you notice your drains aren’t working at 100% capacity. As you sit and watch the stagnant water slowly drain down (or not drain at all) all of those commercials from the store-bought chemicals are passing through your mind. You start to think that it might be a good idea to head toward your local Portland grocery store, pick up a bottle or two, and put those chemicals to work.

This is a great solution IF greasy build-up is what’s clogging your drain, “IF” being the operative word there. When you don’t know what the problem with your pipes is, dumping those chemicals down the drain may not be the right choice. What you need, is to have a local Portland plumber get eyes deep into your plumbing system where they can find the problem causing your clogged drain and choose the right tool for the job to fix it.

You need 3 Mountains Plumbing camera inspection service. Here’s how we can help:
  • We’ll send a plumber to your home in a truck stocked to handle any drain issue that you might be having.
  • Using the best camera technology available, we’ll figure out exactly what’s going on in your pipes and discover what the best cleaning method to use is.
  • With the proper techniques and training, we’ll utilize the best drain-cleaning methods to clear out your line.
  • We’ll run the camera a second time. This lets us know that we got the job done right the first time and that you won’t be facing the same issue a few days later.

Clogged drains typically don’t get any better. Store-bought chemicals or DIY methods might only leave you with a lighter wallet and wasted time.

Call in the drain cleaning experts at 3 Mountains Plumbing, Portland’s number one choice when it comes to drain cleaning services. We’ll ensure that your home is back to its full function, and we’ll keep you informed along the way. Call 3 Mountains Plumbing today!

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