Choosing the right plumber to perform your drain repair is critical, and the most important quality for any plumber is having the right tools. If you need drain repair, you need a plumber who is going to show up to your home in a fully stocked truck, ready to tackle any problem! They will also need to be licensed, certified, and trained to use the most modern pipe repair solutions. The plumbing industry is becoming more and more advanced every day, and some companies are not keeping up. At 3 Mountains Plumbing, however, we’re always on top of the latest and greatest in plumbing tech. When you call us for drain repair, you’ll have options.

Here’s what we mean.

Methods for Drain Repair

When drain clogs or pinhole leaks are left unattended for too long, they tend to create larger issues that can be much more problematic to address. For instance, a mainline sewer clog from corroded sediment build-up will eventually develop into a much more serious backflow problem that could even flood your basement. Having sewage reenter your home isn’t just a smelly and gross disaster — it’s a very serious health hazard. You’ll need to call in the experts right away. A 3 Mountains Plumbing will arrive at your home and perform one of the following:

  1. Sewer Camera Inspection– With a sewer camera inspection, you can pinpoint the exact issues in your sewer system and act accordingly. A camera-tipped cable is threaded through the main access port in your home, and the interior of the pipe is displayed on an external monitor. You might find that there are tree roots in your sewer line that have caused an obstruction, or you might discover that some underground pipes are made with outdated materials that have corroded past repair. Either way, the diagnosis will be quick, painless, and exact.
  2. Water Jetting (Hydrojetting)– Not only can high-pressure water jetting blast away the toughest obstructions in your plumbing system, but it can also restore pipes that suffer from extensive residue build-up problems. Blast away grease, sediment, fat, oils, and other materials that line the interior of your pipes and restrict flow. It’s one of the most modern advancements in the drain repair field, and it doesn’t require any excavation!
  3. Epoxy Lining– If your drains have been damaged beyond repair by clogs and corrosion, you may be able to repair them without digging up the underground line. This is called a “trenchless” drain or pipe repair because it circumvents the excavation process by essentially building the replacement pipe inside of the old one. The safe and code-compliant epoxy liner is poured into a pipe around an inflatable bladder, and once the lining hardens the bladder is deflated and removed.

Not every plumber has access to these methods, since they require updated tools and training. So if you need drain repair and you want a plumber who gives you options, call 3 Mountains Plumbing and request drain repair today!

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