Ask a Portland Plumber: Why You Need a Dual Water Heater

That’s right. Not one, but two water heaters! And, really, why not?

Our journeymen plumbers have been installing water heaters (both tankless and conventional) in Portland area homes for over 13 years.

We understand that every household comes with a specific set of challenges and homeowner needs. We carefully assess your unique situation and make confident recommendations to meet those challenges.

Who Needs Two Water Heaters?

People who want more readily available hot water need two water heaters. Dual water heater installation is an excellent option for those with large homes and/or large families needing extra hot water at peak times. Dual water heaters mean there’s far less of a chance of losing temperature while people are showering and getting ready for work and school in the morning.

It may seem excessive, but really, dual water heaters can provide the best of both worlds. During off-peak times, or when the kids move out, you have the option of shutting down one of the two tanks, knowing full well it’s ready to go to work when needed.

Benefits of Dual Water Heaters

Here’s a quick list of some of the benefits afforded to homeowners who have two water heaters:

  • More readily available hot water
  • Increased flexibility. Shut one down when superfluous
  • Decreases the likelihood of running out of hot water when needed
  • Add more kitchen bathroom appliances worry-free (multiple shower heads/faucets, jetted tub, bigger bathtub or shower)

Are Dual Water Heaters Right for Me?

At the end of the day, whether or not dual water heaters are the right choice for your home depends. Some tough decisions need to be made–all with which our fully-licensed plumbers can help.

What depends? Well, your specific needs, for one. Then, spatial capacity, appliance, and fixture demands, and of course the ultimate choice between tankless and conventional water tanks.

Your best bet is to contact a local plumber you can trust will help you reach the best decision. Keep in mind that to make this process easier, 3 Mountains Plumbing offers up-front fixed-rate pricing plus warranties on all parts and services.

Call 3 Mountains Plumbing today to find out if a dual water heater installation is the best choice for your home.

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