Replacing a Gas Water Heater with a Tankless Water Heater in Portland

You probably have a gas water heater in your basement right now. It’s big, bulky, and inefficient for your hot water needs. Consider that the heater has a finite supply of hot water at any one time, and needs to refill when you run down. There is also the possibility of your tank water heater bursting and flooding your basement at any moment.

Plan on Doing Nothing?

A regular tank water heater has to keep its hot water supply at a constant temperature. To do this, it will run the pilot light even when everyone in the house is sleeping or even when you’re on vacation. This burns energy and costs you money in higher gas bills. A tankless water heater is a no-brainer when it comes to saving on that energy cost.

Options to Replace a Gas Water Heater

Replacing a gas water heater with a tankless version is a move toward greater energy efficiency. If you want to retain the gas line—and you probably do—the good news is that tankless water heaters also run on gas. They’re spacing saving too and can be set up on a post in the basement or on a wall where it can vent to the outside.

Gas Water Heater Replacement Benefits

When you replace a gas water heater with a tankless version, you can expect to enjoy a constant flow of hot water. There is no more waiting for the water to heat up because the heater doesn’t store any water! The tankless heater also heats only enough water for the task at hand. Should you want to shower, it will heat a lot. Should you want to wash a cup in the sink, then expect only a little bit. Once the need for hot water is done—the tankless heater shuts off.

Gas Water Heater Replacement Features

The first step in replacing a gas water heater with a tankless version is to remove the giant tank water heater. The experts at 3 Mountains Plumbing will remove and dispose of your old heater, and then use the appropriate connections to install your wall-mounted tankless water heater.

The entire process doesn’t take an extensive amount of time, and you’ll be up and running soon with a brand-new tankless water heater that helps your home be more efficient.
Do you need a tankless water heater installed in Portland? Get in touch with 3 Mountains Plumbing today!

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