This Thanksgiving we continue to be humbled and grateful to have been successfully working alongside Portland homeowners for the last 13 years.

We thank you for trusting us to care for your home’s plumbing systems. We are also thankful for your loyalty and for your kind customer reviews. It has been our ongoing mission to bring Portland a delightful plumbing experience and we aim to continue doing so through this and every holiday season.

Do You Need a Portland Plumber on Thanksgiving?

If you need us, call us. We are on-call 24 hours a day/seven days a week, and this includes Thanksgiving Day emergency service.

An abundance of house guests and a lot of cooking often lead to plumbing mishaps. Here are a few common problems we run into on Thanksgiving:

  • Clogged Kitchen Sinks: Remember that household pipes will inevitably deteriorate over time. Longevity is key, and it is important to take steps that will prolong the life of your home piping systems. Clogs will happen if you are not careful, but whatever you do, do not use a liquid clog remover. While this sometimes seems to alleviate the clog, it only moves it down while causing more damage to your pipes. The clog will return unless cared for by a professional.
  • Failing Garbage Disposals: It is not uncommon for garbage disposals to falter when there are a lot of cooks in the kitchen. First, check the reset switch underneath the disposal. Otherwise, avoid putting stringy foods, dairy, oil, bones, or any foreign objects in your garbage disposal.
  • Clogged Toilets: Keep the lid down. We know it sounds simple, but this prevents keys, cell phones, toys, and knick-knacks from clogging your toilet bowl! Put nothing in your toilet but what instantaneously dissolves in water.

Our Portland Plumbers Are Standing By

Our expert journeymen technicians are ready to help if you need us. We are fully stocked with higher horsepower garbage disposals, toilet bowl upgrades, and drain clog removal equipment.

This holiday, stay safe, enjoy your family and friends, and contact 3 Mountains Plumbing for tips on Thanksgiving plumbing emergencies.

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