In our latest blog, the 3 Mountains Plumbing experts advised you to get a water heater replacement now if your water heater is older or in disrepair. Why?

Because the new energy efficiency standards for water heaters go into effect on April 15th, which means that from that point on you will not be able to get a direct replacement on your current water heater model. If your water heater springs a leak over the summer, you’ll be forced to upgrade, which may pose complications such as:

  • Having to Resize Your Utility Room or Closet
  • Paying up to 35% More for Equipment
  • Not Having Hot Water During the Procedure

So that’s why the experts at 3 Mountains Plumbing are encouraging homeowners to do their water heater replacements now rather than later when they might be more of a hassle! If your water heater is about to fail don’t wait — call the 3 Mountains plumbers for a water heater replacement today!

But how can you tell if your water heater is on its last legs? It’s easy when you know the warning signs.

4 Signs You Need Water Heater Replacement

Go take a look at your water heater. Do any of the following issues apply to your appliance? If so, it’s time for a switch!

  1. Water Pooling Around Tank– The storage tank on your water heater holds between 40 and 80 gallons of hot water at a time. When the rubber lining starts to wear away, you might start to notice puddles forming around the tank. Don’t just put a pot under that drip! If your storage tank bursts, you’ll come home to an indoor swimming pool — and you don’t want that!
  2. Bad Odors– Little known fact about water heaters: there’s an anode rod inside of them that is made to rust. Essentially, this rod attracts all of the ions that create rust so that the inside of the machine doesn’t experience corrosion. When you start to notice a foul smell in your basement or utility room, that means the anode rod is officially decayed. These rods can be replaced, but since they are an indicator of your water heater’s lifespan, they typically won’t last too long after the first one goes.
  3. Lukewarm or Dirty Water– When you run the warm water from your tap, does it come out rusty at first? Does it take a long time to heat up? Are you constantly experiencing cold showers because the hot water runs out? Does the hot water smell, taste, or feel unpleasant? These are all signs something is wrong with your machine.
  4. Past Warranty– Here in Portland, our public water supply can be very “hard,” meaning excess minerals take an extra toll on your plumbing appliances. This means you typically won’t find a water heater with a warranty much longer than 6 years.

If you have an older water heater on its last legs, call for water heater replacement from the 3 Mountains professionals today!

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