Portland Plumber: Discounts, Warmth, and Investment Opportunities

It’s getting cold outside, Portland, and it’s time to consider updating your household water heater. In time, all water heaters will need to be replaced. Even the most well-maintained water heaters will eventually need an upgrade. These household plumbing fixtures facilitate the management of hot water every day and, inevitably, they will eventually break down.

If yours is an older model in an older home, or if it is showing tell-tale signs of deterioration, then this season is the perfect time to have a new water heater installed. Right now, we are offering two specials:

  1. Receive $75 off a gas water heater installation
  2. Receive $50 off an electric water heater installation

Why Is Now the Right Time to Install a New Hot Water Heater?

In our view, the sooner a new water heater is installed the better. Here’s why:

  • It’s An Investment: We all know that water heaters are entirely functional. They work to deliver hot water on demand. But we don’t always think about them as household investments. New water heaters, particularly tankless water heaters, increase the overall value of homes.
  • Stay Warm: Simply stated, you deserve hot water when you need it. New water heaters will provide consistently flowing hot water on demand. Give us a call if your water stream fluctuates in either pressure or temperature. This is not normal and a sure sign something is wrong.
  • Save Money: While there exists an initial spend, the tradeoff is that new water heaters will work more efficiently. They use less energy and tend to conserve water. You will save money on monthly utility bills as well as repair and overall maintenance costs.

Learn more about how our water heater installation coupons and solutions can help increase the value and comfort of your Portland home.

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