As of April 15th, 2015, new energy efficiency standards will be put into effect for water heaters nationwide. That means your current water heater model is about to become illegal! Well, sort of. Without being dramatic, we’ll try to explain.

The recent push for a more environmentally conscious America has resulted in the DOE (Department of Energy) passing legislation that raises the standards for residential water heater efficiency — meaning they burn less fuel and accomplish the same heating. Using less energy means a reduced carbon footprint! However, it also means that the water heater needs to be larger — specifically, about 2 inches wider. That’s because newer water heater models require superior insulation to ensure that no heat escapes. In addition, it could mean that you pay more for a water heater replacement — the higher efficiency models can be up to 35% more expensive to install.

What Does That Mean for Portland Homeowners?

If your water heater fails between now and April 15th, you’ll be able to get a direct replacement for the fast and efficient plumbing professionals at 3 Mountains Home Services with no problem.

However, if your water heater fails after the April 15th deadline, plumbing professionals won’t be able to offer a direct replacement. You’ll have to upgrade on the spot! Homeowners who have to upgrade to the higher efficiency model may encounter any of the following:

  • Resizing Issues– Some utility rooms are too small for the new water heater models and will need to be resized. If your water heater is in a closet, you may even need to take it out of a wall! Plus, newer models may require a gas line upgrade in addition to the installation.
  • No Hot Water During Replacement– During the process of researching and installing your upgraded water heater, you won’t have warm water to clean, cook, or shower with. You never realize how much you depend on your water heater until you don’t have it!
  • Higher Installation Costs– A direct replacement of a water heater is generally no problem, but with the complications involved in an upgrade plus the cost of the newer product, will the new water heater fit your budget?

This is why the 3 Mountains Home Services professionals advocate getting a water heater replacement now rather than waiting until after the deadline. If your water heater is more than 10 years old or shows signs of wear and tear, call in a plumbing professional and have it replaced! You won’t worry about the efficiency standards for another 10 years!

So call the water heater professionals at 3 Mountains Home Services for water heater replacement today! Avoid the hassle of sudden upgrades and get a high-quality direct replacement from our licensed professionals now.

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