Know the Signs of a Leak and Act Fast!

If you’re concerned you might have a leak of some kind in your Portland home, we suggest contacting the experienced team at 3 Mountains Home Services right away. Why? Because oftentimes leaks, however minor they may seem, quickly escalate and lead to flooding, not to mention increased water bills.

How Do I Detect a Leak in My Portland Home?

As a homeowner, knowing what to look for when it comes to leak detection is one of many essential responsibilities. Leaks happen. Pipes break down, and faucets and fixtures age. The trick is to acknowledge what’s happening and to act fast to avoid emergencies. Here are a few of the more common signs of a household leak:

  • Persistent Dripping Sounds: These leaks are often associated with bathrooms and faucets. A quick upgrade or replacement should do the trick.
  • Low or Unpredictable Water Pressure: Water pressure should remain consistent. Pressure fluctuations are not normal.
  • Unexpectedly High Utility Bill: A sudden and unusually high-water bill may be indicative of a household leak you have not yet detected.
  • Weak Ground: This may be a sign of a larger either sewer-related or water main line leak. Be sure to have a professional take a thorough look before this potentially develops into something worse.
  • Visible Leaks: Ceiling leaks, pipe deterioration, water heater leaks—keep an eye out for water where it does not belong.

How Can 3 Mountains Home Services Help Find and Repair Portland Leaks?

With our advanced camera pipe inspection, we can precisely pinpoint the exact location and source of your household leak. Camera pipe inspection is a safe and secure way to identify leaks so we know what we’re dealing with and how we can best act to stop it right away.

Please don’t waste time when it comes to household leaks. Take action right by calling 3 Mountains Home Services today.

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