Many plumbing problems can arise when temperatures drop during the winter. Luckily, a Portland plumbing professional can help save the day by visiting your home and pointing out plumbing problems before they begin. For example, the following is a look at three of the most common winter plumbing problems – and how to avoid them.

Frozen Pipes and Burst Pipes are a Plumbing Emergency
Don’t wait if you have these issues or expect that you are vulnerable to them! Call the best plumbing experts in Portland Oregon, the 3 Mountains Plumbing team, for assistance today!

  1. Burst Pipes

    Hands down, frozen and burst pipes top the list of winter plumbing problems. Exposed pipes will freeze in cold temperatures, and freezing causes water to expand – requiring you to call on a Portland plumber to repair the damage. The best way to avoid this Portland plumbing disaster is to winterize your home’s pipes every fall. If you’re not sure how or don’t have the time, a Portland plumbing company can take care of this task for you.

  2. Sump Pumps

    A sump pump is a common Portland plumbing accessory. With the Northwest’s rain and high water tables, many homeowners install a sump pump into the basement of their homes to help basements remain dry and to control the chances of flooding. In the wintertime, not only does a sump pump have to keep up with increased rainfall, but there is the risk of the sump pump lines freezing, especially the discharge pipe. A frozen discharge pipe can cause the sump pump to burn out. For this reason, you should make sure that your discharge is properly graded and will drain out by gravity; you should also ensure that there are no obstructions in the pipe or at the end of the line where it empties. Contact your local Portland plumber to make sure your sump pump is ready for winter.

  3. Water Heater Failure

    When the temperature drops, your water heater has to work harder to provide hot water for your home. As you start cranking up the heat on your faucet or shower, a water heater issue you may not have noticed during the summer can suddenly become a major plumbing problem; a bad element, sediment deposit or other faulty part can leave you shivering in the shower come winter. Avoid winter water heater failure by having a Portland plumber check out your water heater before the cold sets in. Call 3 Mountains Plumbing today!

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