No matter where you live, the elements can have a severe effect on your sewer line. Sewer backup occurs when the city or municipal drainage system overflows and sends water back through the pipes and into your home. During the spring, snowmelt and increased rains cause a surge in the amount of drainage a sewer system can handle. The water and sewage can come from various sources including a septic tank, sewer, or storm drain.

Sewer Main Camera Inspection in Portland

An inspection via video camera of a home’s main sewer line can often reveal many previously undetected problems that may lead to huge problems (i.e. drain back-up, basement flooding, and leakages) for a homeowner. Breaks, blockages, low spots, leakages, tree roots, and other problems can all be detected (and sometimes solved) by the performance of a simple camera inspection of the sewer line done by a professional, certified provider. Even if it’s just for precaution, you live in a house before the 1970s, or you are purchasing a new home, our team of technicians can perform the necessary inspection.

Sewer Main Back-Up Impacts in Portland

A sewer backup can result in a great deal of damage to homes, including the development of mold problems and of course bacteria from sewage that has entered the home. It requires immediate and proper clean-up that can be very expensive as well as can result in damage to carpets, walls, furniture, and other personal property that will be costly to replace.

How to Remedy Sewer Main Back Ups in Portland

Ignoring the issues of backups can lead to greater problems down the road. Once, the sewage floods your home it is possible to spread the contaminated water from one room to another room very easily. Knowing how to remove and clean a sewer backup is essential for a successful restoration of your property. Our team of plumbing professionals is certified in sewer line repairs and replacements. The technician will make a proper inspection of the damaged area of the home to assure that everything has been fully cleaned and is safe to return to normal use.

Why wait any longer? The more you delay, the more costly and time-consuming the issue will be when it is an emergency. At 3 Mountains Plumbing, we are more than equipped to offer emergency repair if it got that far. Solve this issue on your own time, call us today for a free estimate!

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