A broken sewer line can cause a range of unpleasant problems throughout your home. Your sewer carries wastewater away from your home to keep your home clean and sanitary, so the system needs to be working properly at all times. If you are experiencing the following issues in your home or on your property, 3 Mountains Plumbing can help.

Signs of a Sewer Problem

  • An unpleasant odor. If any area in or around your home smells bad, there could be sewage leaking somewhere along your sewer line. In some cases, it may only smell in the direct area where the pipe is leaking. If you’re experiencing an unpleasant scent on a wider scale, it could mean a bigger leak throughout your property.
  • Slow drainage or backups. If your sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilets are draining slowly or backing up, it may be a sign that they need sewer repair. Tree roots, animals, and ground shifts can damage nearby pipes, resulting in a crack or blockage. This is different from a normal clog because the pipe itself is damaged and will need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Pooling water on your property. It’s not uncommon for water to be present in your yard after a heavy storm, but if water pools frequently or for long periods you should call a professional. This usually happens in places where the sewer pipe runs close to the surface. If the water smells bad, then you can be sure it’s sewage.
  • Bugs and critters. We might think sewage is disgusting, but bugs live off it — and critters like rats live off bugs. So if you notice an increase in creepy crawlies and vermin around your house and yard, chances are you have a problem with your sewer line.
  • Patches of lush greenery. To put it simply, the nutrients in the sewage feeds plants, shrubs, and trees just as fertilizer would. If you have one or more patches of lush greenery, it’s a sign that your sewer pipe is damaged. The reason you’re not seeing pooling water might be because the pipe is located deep below the ground, so the water doesn’t rise to the surface.

Why Choose 3 Mountains Plumbing?

If you notice any of these signs in your home or around your yard, give us a call. Our trained and certified plumbers can treat the following problems with your sewer:

  • Slow Drains
  • Backed Up Sewage
  • Tree Root Infiltration
  • Sewer Line Breakage
  • Corrosion
  • Breakage

Sewer problems can be a major disruption in your home, so it’s best to repair them as early as possible. If you suspect that your system needs repair, call 3 Mountains Plumbing today!

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