Only Solution to Remove the Toughest Clogs

There’s no need to worry about accidentally puncturing pipes when it comes to using water jet technology. A water jet is a safe and secure clog removal and interior pipe cleansing tool. At 3 Mountains Plumbing our experienced team of journeymen plumbers like using water jets because they won’t damage pipes, but still act as a highly effective drain-cleaning alternative.

Benefits of Water Jets in Portland

Do you think water jetting your clogged drain sounds good so far? Well, we tend to agree. Water jetting is, at its core, the process by which high-pressure water is sent through pipes and drains to clean and remove clogs. The advantages of working with this type of advanced cleansing technology include the:

  • Safe Removal of Clogs
  • Pipe Cleansing and Maintenance
  • Powerful Cleansing Action Can Remove Toughest Clogs
  • No Risk of Puncturing Pipes
  • Reduces Risk of Future Clogs

Often more effective and efficient than mechanical snakes, water jets cut through debris, break it down, and push it remains forward. By thoroughly cleansing your home’s pipes, water jets function as an excellent way to not only maintain proper functioning pipes but to prevent future problems associated with clogs and build-up.

For Water Jets in Portland Call 3 Mountains Plumbing

Why work with 3 Mountains Plumbing? For one, we have nearly 15 years of experience delivering top-quality residential plumbing services throughout the greater Portland area. We provide our customers with up-front flat-rate (fixed) pricing so there are never any surprises, just a focus on providing superior customer service and know-how. Still not sure? Please check out some of the positive feedback we’ve received from our customers. We’re convinced they know best.

Call 3 Mountains Plumbing today and learn how water jets can help remove and prevent your Portland home’s clog.

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