Do you know what can put a damper on your fun this fall? Drain clogs in Portland. Yes, while it may look like your drains are working perfectly, one clog can ruin the overall state of your entire plumbing system. You rely so much on your plumbing fixtures several times a day but when they’re not working due to a clog, it can bring some dysfunction to your everyday life. It can prevent you from having full access to the shower, washing your hands in the sink, or even using the toilet. There are also some unsanitary consequences if the clog interferes with your sewer line.

3 Mountains Plumbing is here to save the day with a cleaning service that can rid drain clogs in Portland and improve the performance of plumbing fixtures. Our plumbers know several things can cause your drains to be clogged, and we’re here to point them out to Portland residents who are unsure what exactly is causing the overall performance of your drains to suffer. Above all else, we just want you to have a better understanding of what causes drain clogs in Portland, so you know how to stop them.

What’s Causing Your Drain Clogs in Portland?

Though our plumbers work fast to get rid of clogs, it’s important to know what’s causing it in the first place. Here are a few of the most common causes of drain cleaning:

  • Cooking Grease Buildup: Cooking grease can often slip down drains and while you would think grease would create an easier, slicker drain pathway, grease actually hardens and slows down passage through pipes significantly. For any food waste that uses a significant amount of grease, it’s better to store the grease in a plastic bag before throwing it in the garbage.
  • Toiletries: The main cause of clogged toilets is toiletries such as cotton swabs, baby wipes, and dental floss. This can also lead to toilets overflowing, which can create a huge mess even the most experienced plumber would struggle to clean up!
  • Large Food Items: Foods like whole fruits and vegetables, potato skins, and rice should not go down your drains. While your garbage disposal, if you do own one, can chop up smaller food items, anything bigger can create huge problems for your drains and lead to major clogging.
  • Soap Buildup: The somewhat thick consistency of dish soap can prove harmful to your drains and buildup until you experience a clog. Dish soap passes through your drains too slowly and while it can clean your dishes, it’s best to keep it away from your drains.

Contact 3 Mountains Plumbing today if you want to learn more about drain clogs In Portland and we’ll help you stop them for good!

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